Emojis are a very popular way of expressing your mood in digital communication. It is possible to use emojis in SMS text when distribution campaigns in Loyalty Communication platform. But it is important to be aware that your SMS count may be affected.

First some basic ground rules for SMS distribution:

If an SMS text includes less than 160 characters, this count as one SMS. If an SMS text exceeds 160 characters, the next SMS (SMS no2) includes 153 characters and you will be charged for 2 SMS. Practically this means that SMS 1 includes 160 characters and SMS 2 includes 153 characters and so one.

If you include an emoji in your SMS text in the "Distribution" area in the platform, the maximum length of the SMS will be reduced from 160 characters to 70 characters, or in SMS no2 from 153 to 67 characters.  

Be aware of this so you do not exceed your SMS budget for this sending. If you have any questions please contact us at support@loyaltycommunication.com